TMHS Wall designs

I have taken some pictures of the actual walls that the murals will be mounted on, and have made some scale models of the placement of the figures on the walls!  Installation will be happening in the next few weeks.  … Read More

Painting done!!!

I am done with all my panels!  Now I have some trimming to do and then final varnishing.  I’ve added photos of each panel, same scale to the gallery.  Take a look! AND THEN, . . . installation!!! I could … Read More

Site Vist at Thunder Mountain High School

I went out to Thunder Mountain High School (TMHS) and went inside the huge building accompanied by Sherri Brown and Travis Miller of MRV Architects, and the CBJ Project Manager, Catherine Wilkins.  I sure needed help navigating since there are … Read More

The Plein Rein Painters

The Plein Rein Painters are a loosely organized group of painters here in Juneau, Alaska.  We got started in 2000 when Pua Maunu and I began to go out plein air painting.  Since then we have grown to include more … Read More

Thunder Mountain High

I was fortunate to be selected as one of 5 artists to produce art for a new high school here in Juneau, now named "Thunder Mountain High School".  My part of the art being produced evolved though a wonderful and … Read More

Getting started

Testing out this blog thing.  I got some photos of my work posted in the gallery album, will have to flesh out the details regarding size and prices.