Site Vist at Thunder Mountain High School

I went out to Thunder Mountain High School (TMHS) and went inside the huge building accompanied by Sherri Brown and Travis Miller of MRV Architects, and the CBJ Project Manager, Catherine Wilkins.  I sure needed help navigating since there are no ceilings but lots of plastic screened areas with large plastic screened doors between work areas.  The spaces are incredibly large, complex and filled with very busy workers.  I got (was required) to wear a hardhat, and was glad that I had my art (i.e. dirty) clothes on because it was very dusty inside with lots of things to get dirty on.  But it is CREATIVE, EXCITING DIRT!!!  All the workers are artisans and are doing amazing things in there!


I got to see my art walls (2 out of 4) and get a feel for the space where my artwork will be displayed.  It felt REALLY GOOD!!!  Not too big and echoey, but not too small either.  I think the areas will be a nice casual gathering area for kids.

I brought some information on the mounting system I am considering, Panelclips from Brooklyn Hardware, a manufacturer in Portland Oregon.  I was able to discuss the best way to attach the artwork to the split concrete blocks that will be in the wall behind the artwork.  Rick Boyl had some ideas about drilling holes into the wall and epoxying bolts into the holes.  The panelclips would/could be welded onto the bolts.

It will take a lot of planning to position the figures and then to plan the attachment system, but I am hoping to use the computer to create grids of the walls and plan areas for the clip system.

I also got some good input from Sherri, an artist in her own right, about the white spaces around the figures and the clean lines as well as the "matting" function the white space serves to set off the body of the figure from the darker wall behind.  Also the straight bottom edges serving to weight the figures, rather than feeling them float.

See some pictures from the inside of the school in the High School Murals Album!

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