New work for September 2011 at Franklin Street Gallery

I have been busy!!!  Inspired by the Plein Rein Workshop with Kes Woodward, having a studio, getting out with Constance and our ART JOGGERS!

So anyway, there is a new gallery of work I am showing at the Franklin Street Gallery for our September 2, 2011 First Friday opening.

This is "Salmon Creek Falls" 12 x 24, acrylic on gallery wrapped canvas.

Constance and I took advantage of a great day in June, right in the middle of the Kes Woodward workshop, to go to the beautiful waterfall that is within the Salmon Creek Salmon Bake.  Its a longstanding tourist attraction here in Juneau, formerly located up the Perserverance Basin, but now tucked into an amazing pocket of unexpected beauty near the hospital.

Not only is it beautiful, its close to town, easy to get to and smells of wood roasted salmon!!!  Oh, and there is some great history in the area with some of the old mining equipment still on site. And we get to visit and take pictures of people if they like.

Anyway, I was pretty excited to paint this picture, I managed to get the very basic idea down while on site.  I used a big brush and just slapped down the dark shapes and the major ideas of the waterfall.  Later on in the studio I tried to keep it loose!!!

I kept saying "just paint shapes" under my breath.  I also looked at some David Mollett paintings to inspire me in finding shapes and patterns that suggest the scene, but not to get too hung up in literal details.

This was just a start, I have been covering up canvases with all sorts of shapes ever since then, and getting into my super-duper new studio has been exhilarating and very good for my production level.

My computer is back from being repaired (thanks to my great Costco 2 year warranty the motherboard needed to be replaced but the hard drive was not erased!!!!)  Its pretty amazing how essential a computer has become to my life.  Thank goodness for my iPad, or I would have gone into a life-threatening withdrawal!  So I don't have any excuses not to work on my blog.  So here I go!

Future blogs to cover the joys of my studio, the cleverness of Art Joggers, and the astounding luck of having another artist buddy to check in with every day – my studio is just a few steps from Constance's studio.

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