February First Friday, 2013 at the Franklin Street Gallery

I have seven new paintings to show at the Franklin Street Gallery. Our opening is on February 1, 2013, this Friday from 4:30 – 6:30.

Also featured are Constance Baltuck’s Norway paintings! Read about her art residency in the little town of Ålvik, on the Hardanger Fjord in her blog. Colleen Goldrich, of Moondance, has beautiful handmade adornments to buy for Valentine’s Day or just cause.

Dean Guannelli has been hard at work as well creating some awesome ceramic and multimedia work that must be seen in person.

These are the pieces that Ihave been working on in my studio the past few months. Lots of townscapes that challenge my perspective drawing skills, and a really fun painting from a photo my husband took last spring down by the harbor. My goals have been to create a good design with strong values, interesting shapes and paint application.

Here they are:


Spring Harbor Chores 16 x 20 350 Acrylic on Canvas


Starr Hill Shadow Play 20 x 16 350 Acrylic on Canvas
Gold and Gastineau 18 x 24 395 Acrylic on Canvas
Franklin Sun and Shadows 18 x 24 395 Acrylic on Canvas


Harris Blue, 12 x 12, not for sale
Low Tide on the Wetlands 18 x 36 495 Acrylic on Canvas


Raking Sun, Gastineau Channel 12 x 12 295 Acrylic on Canvas


Thank you for looking!

Contact me if you are interested in any of these, I can ship!


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