First Friday at Annie Kaill’s – September 5, 2008

Annie Kaill’s, a wonderful arts, crafts, jewelry, everything store in Juneau, is hosting a show for my paintings on Friday, September 5, 2008.  I have concentrated on pastel landscapes for this show.  I have several smaller pieces produced out in the field, in plein air.  The large pieces are from places that I took photos and sketches and worked on in the studio.

After working on my large murals for Thunder Mountain High School, it is lots of fun to go back to pastels and landscapes.  Smaller means faster, usually!

My family and I took at trip up to Whitehourse, Yukon in July.  On the trip back we drove to Haines.  I was completely blown away by the vistas along the Haines Highway.  There was lots of snow still, and the clear skies and sun were a pleasant contrast to the cold and cloudy summer we had been enduring in Juneau.  Several of my pieces at Kaills resulted from that trip: "Rainy Pass, Haines Highway," "Snag at Klukwan", and "Haines River Mountains".

In late March, the Plein Rein Painters rented the Jubilee Cabin at the Shrine of St. Therese for a couple of days.  We were blessed with a spectacular weekend!  The view from the cabin resulted in "Chilkat Blues", and morning drive out to Eagle Beach got me started on "Eagle Beach Chilkats".  That afternoon, we shed our fleece and set up at Amalga, and I got another opportunity to work on those beautiful mountains accross Lynn Canal in "Amalga Afternoon".

Crows and ravens are a continuing interest and I have a couple of pieces inspired by some of the shapes of these clever birds:  "Corvid Conversation", and "Wings."  In these pieces I have concentrated on the shapes of the birds and allowed the backgrounds to become abstract counterpoints.  I will undoubtedly be returning to these ideas.

I live just down from the AEL&P Powerhouse on Pipeline Alley in downtown Juneau.  This large tin building houses a hydroelectric generator that occaisionally supplies electricity.  It runs on water diverted from Gold Creek.  The structure itself fascinates me, it has structural forms that create blocks of color that change with the angle of the sun.  I have long wanted to do a series on this building, and have a small beginning in the pieces "Powerhouse I" and "Powerhouse II."

I have the Kaill’s paintings in a new gallery on this site, take a look!

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